Adapatability Renovation Preservation

Non-legacy cultural park BOUTIQUE APARTMENT

Type: Planning, Architecture, Interior
Years: 2018
Size: 38,668 sqm
Primary architects: Rosario Picciotto, Li Guojin, Francesco Pinton, Paolo Geata, Francesco Polo Quaranta, Lavinia Ripepi, Michele Maddaluno, Luca Tacchetto, Luca Recchioni, Cai Mengyun, Wang Zhilei, Wu Shunhua, Lin Meng, Shi Liyuan

The project is located on the south side of the Potala Palace. South of Lhasa Dawa Road, west of Wencheng Avenue, inside the Tibet Cultural Tourism and Creative Park, facing the Potala Palace. The whole terrain is higher from north to south, the height difference is higher. The site is divided into villa areas, boutique residences and small-sized houses.

The villa area is located on the northwest side facing the Potala Palace and has a good view of the landscape. The boutique residence is in the middle of the field and is spread out in the shape of fingers. The design has a lot of terraces and roof gardens, and the building is blended with modern vocabulary. The small-sized house combined with the commercial is on the east side of the site, adjacent to the main road along the street. The underground space has also been divided accordingly. Each residential house is equipped with a private parking space and separated from the small-sized residential parking area.

The building adopts a simplified Tibetan architectural style, and also based on the representative red color of the Tibetans.

The overall design of the indoor showroom is mainly based on the combination of modernity and Tibetan style. The Tibetan representative red and Thangka are used as the center of gravity, and the living room is decorated with wooden hanging panels to distinguish functions. Paired with modern lighting to create a minimalist sense of space.