Adapatability Renovation Preservation


Years: 2018
Size: 100.82 Chinese Mu
Primary architects: Li Guojin, Rosario Picciotto, Francesco Pinton, Xie Yacong, Cai Mengyun, Zhou Ying, Wu Shunhua, Chen Changyou, Li Zhaocai, Hao Zhuqing, Luca Tacchetto, Michele Maddaluno, Matteo Grassi, Lin Meng, Huang Qi, Li Hao

The project site includes the historical and cultural block of Jianchang Ancient City, 160m from south Street to Datongmen,  Zuoying Lane, Jiyang Lane and the south section of Sigou Dam Xiadashuigou to the Ancient wall area. And 126m in the east section of Andingmen Fu Street in the east and 100m in the north. The total area of the land is 100.82 Chinese Mu.

The node of the linear cultural heritage of Jianchang Ancient City highlights the integrity and relevance of time and space. Restore the characteristics of the Jianchang ancient city and protect the original authenticity of the ancient city, pay attention to the pattern of ancient city and architectural features, highlighting the three characteristics of ritual culture, military defense and silk road trade, focusing on restoring defense system, street road system, religious point system And the celebrity compound and the former residence system four systems.

The first phase of Yongquan Street is characterized by ancient wells, shadow walls and ancient dwellings. It focuses on commercial tourism services and cultural performances. The line is formed by the Ancient wall and the roadway. The Ancient gates, ancient dwellings, ancient temples, and ancient wells form nodes, combining cultural heritage with historical memory to form a “Jianchang ancient city cultural memory line” with a combination of heritage and non-legacy.

Combine the restoration of Jianchang Ancient City with the construction of the museum to form an open museum system of the ancient city, and hold various exhibitions and other cultural activities. Attract domestic and foreign cultural and artistic talents, jointly build public art, and create a "public art city."

Create an "Internet +" technology digital ancient city, build a "smart city" around Xichang, introduce a large number of Internet and related intelligent technologies in the city management and facilities of the ancient city, and create public information inquiry, wireless WIFI, nighttime ancient city holographic panoramic drama, etc. Both tourists and local residents have benefited a lot. The construction of “Jianchang Ancient City Time Tunnel” will use multimedia three-dimensional scenes, vivid dubbing, realistic scent and costumes to explain the changes, military, commerce and life of the ancient dynasty Jianchang ancient city.