Adapatability Renovation Preservation

Kunshan Qidi Culture & Creation Wisdom Port

Years: 2016
Size: 95.200 sqm
Primary architects: Li Guojin, Zhouyin,Cai Mengyun,Wu Shunhua

Importing nature, combing the landscape and the water system, the landscape of the riverfront is naturally imported into the interior of the site; at the same time, two visual corridors facing the waters are naturally formed.

Forming the business interface, through the creation of Water Street and Creative Street, leads the crowd through the two main lines of culture and industrial art to the riverside commercial landscape belt; thus forming three beautiful business interfaces with different characteristics to meet different ages’ leisure needs.

The creative courtyard will create a series of coherent and quiet courtyards through the combing of the original space; thus introducing a series of cultural entrepreneurial industries including Maker Office, Cultural Industry, Exhibition and so on, and enhancing the industrial value of the entire plot.

Through the planning and diversification of the region, a full-time creative and dynamic neighborhood with dynamic, reasonable scale and beautiful environment will be formed; Kunshan Qingyang Cultural and Creative Park will become a new cultural district that activates the vitality of the whole region and gathers popularity.