Adapatability Renovation Preservation

"Wencheng Princess" Theatre & Commercial Lighting Project

Years: 2014
Size: 35,000 sqm
Primary architects: Marco Bisenzi, Li Guojin, Cai Mengyun, Wu Shunhua, Lu Siguang

The project site is located in Lhasa, covering an area of 508,670 sqm. The project takes "Princess Wencheng" and the large scale real life drama as the core. On the basis of protecting the original ecological nature and humanities, it follows the principle of "not digging a tree or moving one household" and maintaining the original Tibetan customs style.

The project includes an ecological park, a national art block, and an artist camp. It is a paradise for artistic gathering, cultural exchange, and leisure. We will focus on the natural and historical humanities of the scenic spots such as Baowan Mountain, Lovers Slope, and Linka, and build Tibetan culture and high-end corporate exhibition centers and five-star resort hotels.