The firm

ARPL Architects was established in Venice, Italy 2002. Since the beginning, ARPL has attracted and been recognized by many business leaders for its unique style of combining tradition and novelty, grace and comfort, luxury and sense of time. ARPL represents “Made in Italy”, a design concept taken from an Italian philosophy, chasing exquisite life and fresh fashion trends. Our exclusive deign style and competitive professional quality have been approved by top property investment enterprises. ARPL’s business belief is rooted in the organic connections between architecture, nature, art, health, quality, fun and ecology.

In 2014, with the “Biocasa82” villa project, ARPL was the first design office to acquire the platinum LEED standard house in Europe certification.
“Jiangluokangsa” project entitled Tour Culture was designed to preserve the local culture and boost tourism in the area, this project has since been listed in China Culture Industry and Tibet Historical Culture City Preserve Project.
Representing the China Culture Heritage Preservation Project, ARPL’s project participated in “ZAO” China Cultural Communication Exhibition in Lyons, France in 2014. ARPL’s projects “Princess Wencheng” in Lhasa and the Tibetan Cultural Village “Cijiaolin” went on to win the China Golden Prize, the highest prize awarded within the tourism industry. In the same year, thanks to these accomplishments in luxury architectural design, partner Mr. Rosario Picciotto was awarded “Monaco’s Cultural Ambassador” by the prince of Monaco Albert II. In 2013 work began on ARPL’s design project of Prada Headquarters located on Shanxi north road 168 Shanghai. With The opening of Salvatore Farragamo flagship stores located in Paragon Singapore and luo g zi financial center in 2012, it symbolized ARPL’s overall expenditure of luxury design to Asia. Across to the west, designed in 2005, the New York Palace Budapest, an iconic masterpiece, this hotel project won many awards, including the Europanostra award, for Most Excellent Conservation Project and Top Restaurant Design 2013 by French “GaultMillau”.

ARPL Architects rapidly developed due to its operation network of Beijing, Rome, Padua, and New York. Covering urban planning, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, lighting design and other design services on a global scale. Current on-going international hotel projects includes the largest luxury all-Presidential Suite Resort of Venice hotel Des Bains with a total usable area of approximately 24,000sqm. In Yunnan, ARPL designed a 20,006sqm Yuxi Manor Ⅱ phases Resort on the right lakeside of Fuxian lake; Tendchong Huaye Manor, becoming the first China-tobacco manor project with a 170,000sqm site area. The firm’s latest commission is a 110,000sqm mixed-use headquarter base Tasly Hotel Complex in Tianjin. ARPL iconic cultural tourism projects, including Carlo IV Platinum hotel in Prague Czech Republic, Sicily Imperiale Resort Boutique Hotel, Milan Borrella Sui Navigli Hotel, Antony Palace Hotel, Mestre Ambasciatori Hotel, B4 Boutique Hotel in Padua, Villa Pliniana on Como lake, Tasly Biological Tea Valley Group Headquarters Campus in Yunnan, Pu’er(completed in 2013), Shenmajuan Garden and Interior renovation project(under construction), Chengdu Poly Center 28F Usunhome Headquarter office (under construction), Chengdu Jinjiang fashion Cultural & Artistic Area (under construction), Chengdu Contemporary Art Core Area Landing A5 (in design development stage), 10 km2 Geopark Protected Area Planning in Guangxi, Anguo Millennium Medicine Conceptual Urban Planning Design, Hangzhou Intime City Complex lighting project.

ARPL Architects established also China headquater in 2010, lead by Rosario Picciotto, Li Guojin, Francesco Pinton, Marco Bisenzi.