Chengdu Poly Centre 28F Usunhome Headquarter Office

New Usunhome’s offices are placed at the 28F floor of Poly Center in Chengdu and occupy 2050Sqm. Existing floor layout allocate in the core all vertical system and services kept in Our proposal. Il Existing corridor around the core will be demolish with a brand new horizontal circulation for the offices. Spaces are defined by a structural glazed façade for all building boundaries. Structural elements as the core and concrete pilasters are included in Our interior proposal .
Offices function are split in three areas:
Public and meeting area.
Operational area for the Usunhome personnel.
Directional area for president and high management.
The two different entrance allows to keep separate flux and guarantee VIP movements.
Public areas are composed by reception and waiting area, one room for drivers and 100 people conference room. Those areas are defined by fluid design with no orthogonal sign and sloping vertical surfaces. Therefore spaces are cozy and on the same time wide. Light goes in sloping sign to empathize the non orthogonal language. The same for the custom made furniture. Main materials are White marble drawing lines moquette , glass and bare concrete.
Operational areas consist in an open space for 65 working position, manager and senior manager places. Usunhome is an important society that require modern and efficient working spaces for his people. The space is defined by the false ceiling sloping towards glazed façade carried out by pilasters either with a slope side.
Ceiling is defined by sloping planes and light lines giving dynamic perception to the space. Italian style working furniture allocate six working places with integrated light in separation panels, chairs are by Alias Design. Manager’s offices are separated by glazed surfaces glowing with integrated light Walls are upholster with phono absorbent panels to improve acoustic.