We want to provide a very elegant and cozy lighting atmosphere with general illumination, consisting in contemporary style Chinese lanterns suspended on the ceiling. Furthermore we sign the interior wood columns with down light led’s spot to give a sense of movement to the interior space. Tables are underlined by spot light from above increasing the local levels of light. These lighting system will full fill of smooth light the interior space keeping It readable as well.
Outside facades must be keep not illuminated in order to emphasize the light coming out from the interior. In this way we read all the windows structure and we provide a kind of texturized light on outside patio.
Just the top roof will be signed with small Led’s projectors for scenografic effect.

Custom front door fixtures:
In front of the main entrance we are going to place custom steel led’s fixture in contemporary Chinese style. They are both furniture and lighting fixtures , the steel or copper structure provide a circle of light on the ground and sparkling effects on the structure itself.
Light floor installation:
Along the boundary walls we have two big circular light installation on the ground. We designed a floating stone floor in which are placed cylinders of frosted glass or polycarbonate throughout the stone. Underneath the floating stones are placed spot led’s light wide beam single dimmer. A random pulsating will appears like candles.
Boundary wall:
All enclosure walls are illuminated from the floor level up light. We use linear led light with wall washer optic in order to have uniform diffusion of light on the wall surface. The final effect is a uniform ribbon of light surrounding all the area.